Những loại màu nào có sẵn cho tấm nhôm anodized?

Tấm nhôm anodized có nhiều màu sắc khác nhau, vừa mang tính thẩm mỹ vừa có chức năng. Các nhà sản xuất tấm nhôm Huawei có thể cung cấp tấm nhôm anodized với nhiều màu sắc và thông số kỹ thuật khác nhau.

Natural Color Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Natural Color (Bạc): Nhôm anodized giữ được màu bạc tự nhiên, mang lại vẻ cổ điển và sang trọng. This finish is often chosen for applications where a metallic look is desired without additional coloring.

Black Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Đen: Nhôm anodized đen panels provide a sleek and modern look. They are commonly used in construction applications, thiết bị điện tử, automotive parts and consumer products.

Tấm nhôm Anodized vàng

Gold: Gold anodized aluminum panels provide a luxurious decorative effect. They are often used in architectural decoration, trang sức, signage and decorative elements.

Bronze Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Bronze: Bronze anodized aluminum panels offer a warm, rich color similar to traditional bronze materials. They are suitable for architectural decoration, khung cua so, furniture and decorative parts.

Copper Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Đồng: Copper anodized aluminum panels mimic the look of the copper material while providing the lightweight and durable properties of aluminum. They are used in architectural applications, interior design and decorative elements.

Blue Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Blue: Blue anodized aluminum panels offer a vibrant and eye-catching color choice. They are used in a variety of applications including marine equipment, sports equipment and consumer electronics.

Red Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Màu đỏ: Red anodized aluminum panels offer a bold and vibrant color choice. They are commonly used in automotive parts, signage and decorative elements.

Green Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Green: Green anodized aluminum panels provide a fresh and natural color option. They are used in architectural applications, environmental signage and decorative accents.

Purple Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Purple: Purple anodized aluminum panels offer a unique and unique color option. They are used in custom designs, art projects, and decorative applications.

Custom Colors: Some manufacturers offer custom color options for anodized aluminum panels, allowing customers to match specific color requirements or create unique designs. Trong quá trình anot hóa, custom colors can be achieved through a special dyeing process.

The appearance of anodized aluminum may vary depending on factors such as lighting conditions, surface texture and viewing angle. Ngoài ra, anodized aluminum panels offer greater durability, chống ăn mòn, and UV stability compared to painted or coated finishes, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.