Là gì 8011 giấy nhôm?

“8011 giấy nhôm” đề cập đến một loại lá nhôm cụ thể được làm từ 8011 hợp kim nhôm. Lá nhôm mỏng, tấm kim loại nhôm linh hoạt được sử dụng rộng rãi để đóng gói, nấu nướng, vật liệu cách nhiệt, và nhiều ứng dụng khác.

Các 8011 hợp kim nhôm là một hợp kim phổ biến được sử dụng để sản xuất lá nhôm. Nó bao gồm chủ yếu là nhôm, with small amounts of iron, silicon, and other elements. The alloy composition gives 8011 aluminum foil its desirable properties such as flexibility, sức mạnh, and resistance to corrosion.

8011 aluminum foil is known for its excellent performance in packaging applications. It has the following characteristics:

  1. Good Barrier Properties: 8011 aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties, which means it effectively blocks moisture, light, ôxy, and other contaminants from entering the packaged products. This property helps to preserve the freshness, flavor, and quality of food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products.
  2. High Flexibility: 8011 aluminum foil is highly flexible and can be easily bent, folded, and wrapped around various shapes and sizes of products. This flexibility allows it to conform to different packaging needs and ensures that it can be used for a wide range of applications.
  3. Heat Conductivity: Giấy nhôm, bao gồm 8011 giấy nhôm, has good heat conductivity. It can efficiently distribute and transfer heat during cooking or packaging processes, making it suitable for applications such as oven baking, grilling, and heat sealing.
  4. Lightweight and Recyclable: 8011 lá nhôm nhẹ, which makes it easy to handle and transport. Ngoài ra, aluminum foil is a recyclable material, Và 8011 aluminum foil can be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for packaging solutions.

8011 aluminum foil alloy composition:

8011 aluminum foil is composed of aluminum and a small amount of iron, silicon, mangan và các nguyên tố khác. Aluminum is its main component, accounting for more than 99%, which makes 8011 aluminum foil have excellent aluminum characteristics, such as light weight, corrosion resistance and recyclability.

Giấy nhôm 8011 product features:

độ dẻo cao: 8011 aluminum foil has excellent ductility and can maintain stability under changing shape and size requirements. It can be easily processed into products of various shapes and sizes through processes such as rolling, drawing and bending.
Good sealing performance: 8011 aluminum foil has excellent sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture, ôxy, light and peculiar smell to the packaging. This makes 8011 aluminum foil a commonly used packaging material in the fields of food, medicine and cosmetics.
Excellent anti-oxidation performance: 8011 aluminum foil has excellent anti-oxidation performance, which can effectively protect the products inside the package from oxidation and corruption.
khả năng tái chế: 8011 aluminum foil is a recyclable material, which can be recycled, reducing the demand on natural resources and helping the environment.

Giấy nhôm 8011 product performance:

Cường độ cao: 8011 aluminum foil has good strength characteristics, and can provide sufficient strength and stability at an appropriate thickness.
Chống ăn mòn: 8011 aluminum foil has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of some chemical substances, thus protecting the products inside the package.
dẫn nhiệt tuyệt vời: 8011 aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity, can quickly conduct heat, and is suitable for some applications that require heat conduction.

What can 8011 alloy aluminum foil be used for?

Bao bì thực phẩm: Due to its excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance, 8011 aluminum foil is often used in the food packaging industry, such as household tin foil paper, beverage packaging and food boxes, vân vân.
Pharmaceutical packaging: 8011 aluminum foil is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, which can protect the medicine from moisture, light and oxygen and prolong its shelf life.
Household items: 8011 aluminum foil can also be used in the manufacture of household items, such as baking trays, grill trays and baking paper.
Cosmetic packaging: 8011 aluminum foil is often used in cosmetic packaging to protect cosmetics from pollution and oxidation in the external environment.
Sản phẩm điện tử: Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of 8011 giấy nhôm, it is also commonly used in electronic products, such as heat sinks and battery packaging.