What is the material of 1 series aluminum foil?

1000 series is industrial pure aluminum, which is the brand series with the highest aluminum content. The aluminum content is not less than 99.00%. It has good elongation, tensile strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance. The production process of 1xxxx aluminum foil is relatively simple, the production technology is relatively mature, and it has a huge advantage in price, but its strength is low and it is easy to be deformed by compression.

1000 series aluminum foil
1000 series aluminum foil

 Specifications of 1xxx series aluminum foil

1050O,H22,H240.006-0.280-1600Custom MadeFood packaging, capacitors, etc.
1060HO,H22,H24,H260.006-0.280-1600CGaskets, auto parts, food packaging, electronic labels, etc.
1070H18,O,H22,H240.002-0.220-1600Cpackaging, electronics


0.006-0.280-1700CustomElectronic components, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.
1235O,H180.016-0.280-1600Custom MadeAluminum foil tape, cable foil,medicine packaging

 1000 series of chemical elements of aluminum foil

A series of aluminum foil is also known as a series of pure aluminum foil, the content of aluminum is more than 99%, and the content of other elements is very small. The addition of these elements can improve the characteristics of a series of products, and different grades will have some properties after adding alloys. different.

1000 series aluminum foil element content table (%)

 Properties of a series of aluminum foil alloys

1000 series industrial pure aluminum has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but its strength is low, it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and its machinability is not good; it can accept contact welding and gas welding, the following table is a series of aluminum foil performance data.

1000 series of aluminum foil physical properties table
1000 series alloyTensile Strength σb (MPa)Yield Strength σ0.2 (MPa)Brinell H ardness(HB)Elongation
105095-125≥753412 %

 What types of 1xxx series aluminum foil?

Houshold Foil(HHF)1235O9-30micron200-1400mmSingle Bright Side
Tape Foil1235O10-50micron150-1250mmSingle Bright Side
Phamaceutical foil(HHF)1235O/H1820-40micron300-600mmSingle Bright Side
Insulation Foil1100O/H2215-40micron200-1400mm/
Lmainated Foil1235O6-50micron200-1400mmSingle Bright Side