What is 1050 aluminum coil?

1050 aluminum coil is a common aluminum alloy material, which is widely used in various fields due to its excellent properties such as good machinability, excellent corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. The following introduces 1050 aluminum coils from multiple angles:

1050 aluminum coil material properties

1050 aluminum coil has excellent machinability and formability, and can realize fine forming in the processing processes such as deep drawing forming and mold forming. At the same time, it has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for equipment working in high humidity, strong acid, and strong alkali environments. In addition, 1050 aluminum coil also has excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, which is suitable for making high-precision equipment such as electrical appliances, instruments, automobiles, and buildings.

1050 aluminum coil application field

1050 aluminum coil is widely used in various fields, such as:
Construction field: used for aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, roofs, wall panels, etc.
Automotive field: used in the manufacture of car shells, doors, roofs, etc.
Electronic field: used in the manufacture of cable shields, radiators, PCB boards, etc.
Packaging field: used in the manufacture of can lids, bottle caps, food packaging, etc.
Other fields: used in the manufacture of pots, tableware, sports equipment, etc.

1050 aluminum coil process performance

1050 aluminum coils can be produced by cold rolling and hot rolling processes, and the hot rolling process can improve the mechanical properties and formability of aluminum coils. In addition, 1050 aluminum coils can also be coated, oxidized, anodized and other surface treatment processes to improve their surface hardness, corrosion resistance and decorative properties.

1050 aluminum coil specifications and packaging

The specifications of 1050 aluminum coils are usually less than 1000mm in width and 0.2-8.0mm in thickness, and the length can be customized according to customer needs. In terms of packaging, common packaging methods include wooden pallet packaging, cardboard packaging, plastic fiber cloth packaging, etc., to ensure that the aluminum coil is not damaged during transportation and storage.

In short, 1050 aluminum coil is an aluminum alloy material with excellent performance and wide application. It is widely used in construction, automobile, electronics, packaging and other fields, and has good processing

Chemical Elements of 1050 Aluminum Coil

Chemical ElementWeight Percentage
Aluminum (Al)99.5% min
Iron (Fe)0.4% max
Manganese (Mn)0.05% max
Copper (Cu)0.05% max
Zinc (Zn)0.05% max
Silicon (Si)0.25% max
Magnesium (Mg)0.05% max
Chromium (Cr)0.05% max
Titanium (Ti)0.03% max
Other Elements0.15% max

1050 aluminum coil mechanical properties

Mechanical PropertyValue
Tensile Strength55 MPa
Yield Strength30 MPa
Hardness19 HB

Note: The data listed above is for reference only. The actual values may vary depending on the production process, product specifications, testing methods, and other factors.