What is aluminum foil grade 1060?

1060 aluminum foil is one of the 1000 series, and 1060 and 1050 are a series of pure aluminum alloys. What material is 1060? The element with the most content in 1060 is aluminum, with a content of 99.6%. It is a widely used industrial pure aluminum foil. It has the characteristics of wide range of raw materials, cheap price and good conductivity. 1060 aluminum foil is also a series of aluminum foil products produced and supplied by Huawei Aluminum for a long time.

Is 1060 aluminum foil strong?

Yes, 1060 aluminum foil is considered relatively strong for some applications. Aluminum foil is usually measured by its thickness, and the strength of aluminum foil will vary depending on its thickness and other factors such as alloy composition, tempering and handling. 1060 aluminum alloy is an alloy commonly used in 1000 series aluminum alloys, but its hardness is lower than that of 5000 series and 6000 series.