Teach you how to judge mirror anodized aluminum sheet

Method 1: mirror anodized aluminum sheet, after ripping off the protective film, touching the mirror with your fingers, the sweat stains on your fingers will stay on top of the mirror, but after scrubbing with a dry cloth or paper towel, fingerprints will be wiped clean and will not leave any trace.

Not after the oxidation of the mirror aluminum plate is not the same, leaving the fingerprints will be more and more dirty, and ultimately can not recover the role of the mirror.

Method 2: put the anodized mirror aluminum plate in the ear bend, if there is a slight cracking sound clarification that is anodized mirror aluminum plate, if not that is not anodized mirror aluminum plate.

Method 3: the mirror aluminum plate to do 90 degrees T bend, anodized mirror aluminum plate in the T bend will have a slight whitish appearance, which is the reason for the anodic oxide film burst, if the mirror aluminum plate without anodic oxidation does not have this appearance.