Medicinal Aluminum Foil Knowledge Encyclopedia

VC: heat sealant (PVC heat seal)
OP: protectant
PE: polyethylene (and PE heat seal)
OPA: nylon, polyamine (double-sided corona)
PET: Polyester (regular single side corona)
Only all-purpose glue can heat seal with PET film
VMPET: Aluminized Polyester
PP: heat sealed with PP material, with glue and film
PS: heat sealed with PS material, only glue
AL: 8011, 8012, 8021 H-state (hard state) aluminum foil 0-state (soft state) adopted by aluminum foil Pulling strength of aluminum foil: 7N/15mm

Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging (PTP)
Structure: OP/AL (H state aluminum foil)/VC
Weight calculation: 57g/m²
Ratio to PVC: about 1:4
Color printing: In addition to full-page printing, up to three-color printing.

Cold punched aluminum (Alu Alu): cold formed aluminum foil
Structure: OPA/AI (О state aluminum foil)/PVC
Weight calculation: 250g/m²
Brewing depth: 9mm -13mm
The ratio of PTP to cold aluminum: about 1:4
Color printing: three-color printing at most except full-page printing.

Tropical type blister aluminum (aluminum-plastic aluminum>: with medicine package certificate
Structure: OPA (PET) iAL (О state aluminum foil) vc
Weight calculation: 210g/m2
Brewing depth: within 7mm
Color printing: In addition to full-page printing – up to three-color printing.