How does 16 gauge aluminum sheet weight?

The weight of a 16-gauge aluminum sheet will depend on its dimensions (length, width) and the specific alloy of aluminum used. The thickness of a 16-gauge aluminum sheet is approximately 0.0508 inches or 1.29 millimeters. To calculate the weight, you can use the following formula:

Weight (in pounds) = Length (in inches) x Width (in inches) x Thickness (in inches) x Density (in pounds per cubic inch)

The density of aluminum is approximately 0.098 pounds per cubic inch.

So, if you have the dimensions of your 16-gauge aluminum sheet, you can calculate the weight using this formula. For example, if you have a sheet that is 48 inches long and 24 inches wide:

Weight = 48 inches x 24 inches x 0.0508 inches x 0.098 pounds per cubic inch = 59.06 pounds

This is a theoretical weight, and actual weights may vary slightly depending on the specific alloy and any coatings or treatments applied to the aluminum sheet.