Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheet Overview:

What is gold anodized aluminum sheet?Gold anodized aluminum sheet is a type of aluminum sheet that has been treated with an electrochemical process called anodization, which creates a layer of oxide on the surface of the aluminum. During the anodization process, the aluminum sheet is immersed in an acid bath and an electric current is passed through it. This causes a controlled oxidation of the surface of the aluminum, resulting in a hard, durable and corrosion-resistant coating.
It increases corrosion and wear resistance, and during the process the anodized aluminum surface can be dyed into many different colors,such as gold anodized aluminum sheet,black anodized aluminum sheet,white anodized aluminum sheet ect.

gold anodized aluminum sheet product
gold anodized aluminum sheet product

 Our Hot sales Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheet alloy:

  • 1050 aluminum sheet
  • 1060 aluminum sheet
  • 1070 aluminum sheet
  • 1100 aluminum sheet
  • 3003 aluminum sheet
  • 3004 aluminum sheet
  • 5052 aluminum sheet
  • 3105 aluminum sheet
  • 5083 aluminum sheet
  • 5086 aluminum sheet
  • 5754 aluminum sheet

 Thickness specification of Gold anodized aluminum sheet

1100,5052,6061,5005 gold anodized aluminum sheet0.032″0.81mm

 What are the uses of gold anodized aluminum sheet?

Gold anodized aluminum sheets are aluminum sheets that have been treated with an anodization process to create a gold-colored surface. Here are some potential uses for gold anodized aluminum sheets:

  1. Architectural applications: Gold anodized aluminum sheets can be used for architectural purposes such as roofing, exterior cladding, and decorative panels.
  2. Signage: Gold anodized aluminum sheets can be used for creating signs, nameplates, and badges. The reflective surface of the gold finish can make the signs more visible and attractive.
  3. Electronics: Gold anodized aluminum sheets are commonly used in the electronics industry for creating heat sinks, enclosures, and casings for electronic devices.
  4. Jewelry: Gold anodized aluminum sheets can be used in jewelry making as a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to solid gold.
  5. Automotive: Gold anodized aluminum sheets can be used for car parts such as grilles, emblems, and trim accents.
  6. Industrial applications: Gold anodized aluminum sheets can be used for various industrial applications, such as chemical processing equipment, storage tanks, and conveyors.

Overall, gold anodized aluminum sheets offer a durable, lightweight, and cost-effective solution for a range of applications.

 Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheet Features:

(1) Good processability: Anodized aluminum sheet has strong decorative and moderate hardness, can be easily bent and shaped, and can be continuously and rapidly stamped to facilitate direct processing into products, eliminating the need for complicated surface treatment and greatly shortening the production cycle. Reduce product production costs.

(2) Good weather resistance: The anodized aluminum sheet with a standard thickness oxide film (3μm) is not discolored for a long period of time in the room, does not corrode, does not oxidize, and does not rust. The anodized alumina plate with a thick oxide film (10 μm) can be used outdoors and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without discoloration.

(3) Strong metal sensation: The anodized aluminum sheet has high surface hardness, gem quality, good scratch resistance, no surface coating, retains the metallic color of the aluminum sheet, highlights the modern metal feel, and improves product quality and added value.

(4) High fire resistance: pure metal products, no paint and any chemical substance on the surface, 600 degree high temperature does not burn, no toxic gas is produced, and it meets fire protection and environmental protection requirements.

(5) Strong anti-fouling: no fingerprints are left, there are traces of stains, easy to clean, no corrosion spots.

(6) Strong applicability: It is widely used in metal aluminum ceilings, curtain wall aluminum panels, aluminum-plastic panels, fireproof panels, honeycomb aluminum panels, decorative aluminum sheet, electrical panels, cabinet panels, and furniture panels.

 Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheet suppliers:

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 Applications for Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheet

5052 black anodized aluminum sheet has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, candidity, fatigue strength and moderate static strength, often used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, tubing, as well as sheet metal parts for transportation vehicles and ships, instrumentation, street lamp support and Rivets, hardware products, etc.