1060 aluminum coil raw materials and production process

We are a reputable aluminum product supplier dedicated to supplying high quality 1060 aluminum coils. 1060 aluminum coil is made of 99.6% pure aluminum, which has excellent plasticity and weldability. We use advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials to ensure that our 1060 aluminum coils meet industry standards.

1060 aluminum coil application field

1060 aluminum coils are widely used in many fields. Due to its good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, it is commonly used in the manufacture of lighting reflectors, chemical equipment and capacitor housings. In addition, 1060 aluminum coil is also commonly used in decorative applications, such as decorative strips and signage.

Advantages of 1060 aluminum coil

Our 1060 aluminum coil has the following advantages:
Good plasticity and weldability, easy to process and manufacture.
Excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, suitable for a variety of applications.
Strict quality control and testing ensures that each roll meets industry standards.

AL1060 coil: product specifications and packaging

Our 1060 aluminum coils are available in various thicknesses and widths to meet the needs of different customers. In addition, we can provide customized sizes and surface treatments according to customers’ requirements. Our aluminum coils are professionally packaged to ensure that the product is not damaged during shipping.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Our professional team is always available to provide technical support and answer questions for customers. If you are looking for a high quality 1060 aluminum coil supplier, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.