Anodized aluminum sheet features

  1. Anodized aluminum sheet front panel is very glorious of the anodized aluminum sheet which can be make the products more and more beautiful.
  2. Anodized aluminum sheet can save so much time and save so many proceeds from the anodized aluminum sheets.
  3. After anodized , the products is very clean also antifinger for the aluminum coil.
  4. Coloured anodized aluminum sheet can be used for so many industries such as the kitchens, airplanes, constructions,  electronic, packings etc
  5. After anodized, it will be different kinds surface and different colors for choosing.
  6. Different surface for the anodized aluminum sheet, with different usage.

anodised aluminium sheet

Anodized aluminum sheet surface treatment

Anodize reflective mirror polished finish ( 85% reflectness ), matte anodized, brushed anodized, hard anodized, stucco embossed texture etc

single side or both sides

Anodized aluminum veneer production process

The process of anodized aluminum veneer is different from the ordinary painting process. It electrolyzes the conductive acid electrolyte through the electric current to oxidize the aluminum metal surface that constitutes the anode, and naturally grow a thick and dense aluminum oxide protection layer on the aluminum surface. Film, this oxide film is not an additional layer and will not peel off.

The process of anodized aluminum veneer is different from the ordinary painting process. It electrolyzes the conductive acid electrolyte through the electric current to oxidize the aluminum metal surface that constitutes the anode, and naturally grow a thick and dense aluminum oxide protection layer on the aluminum surface. Film, this oxide film is not an additional layer and will not peel off. The oxide film is transparent and colorless, and the microcrystalline structure is hexagonal honeycomb. It can not only use the natural color of aluminum to highlight the strong metallic feeling, but also uniformly color the micropores to give the curtain wall brilliant colors, which greatly broadens the application horizon.

Performance: Standard-thickness oxide film (3um) anodized aluminum veneer does not change color, corrosion, oxidation, and rust for long-term indoor use. The anodized aluminum veneer with thick oxide film (10um) can be used outdoors, and it can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without changing its color.

Anodized aluminum sheet colour

Customized color: clear ( silver ), black, bright gold, light bronze, red, grey, blue, copper, golden, dark bronze etc

Anodized aluminum sheet parameters

Anodized aluminum sheet alloy

  • 1000 series: 1050, 1058, 1060, 1070, 1100 ( a1100 ) etc
  • 3000 series: 3003 etc
  • 5000 series: 5005, 5052 etc
  • 6000 series: 6061, 6082 etc

Temper: H14, H18, H32, T2, T6 etc

Custom to cut sizes: A3, 4x6, 10x8, 48 x 96, 12 x 20 inch etc

Common thickness: 0.25mm ( thin ), 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm tec

Anodized aluminum refers to a layer of dense aluminum oxide coated on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys. In order to prevent further oxidation, its chemical properties are the same as aluminum oxide. But unlike ordinary oxide films, anodized aluminum can be dyed with electrolytic coloring.

The preparation principle of anodized aluminum is the anode effect (also known as anodizing).

Reaction mechanism

The anode effect is a unique phenomenon of molten salt electrolysis, and the performance of electrolytic aluminum production is still obvious. When the anode effect occurs in production, the voltage of the electrolytic cell rises sharply, reaching 20-50V, sometimes even higher. Its occurrence has a great impact on the entire electrolysis series, reducing the current efficiency, affecting the technical indicators of electrolysis, and reducing the output and quality of aluminum, and destroying the smooth power supply of the entire electrolysis series. In terms of processing methods, nothing but

There are two kinds: using an effect rod (wooden rod) to extinguish, or lower the anode, and increase the amount of alumina to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the anode effect. No better treatment has been found.

The anode effect occurs because the oxygen-containing ions in the electrolyte gradually decrease with the progress of the electrolysis process. When it reaches a certain level, there will be fluorine precipitation and interact with the anode carbon to produce carbon fluoride. When the fluoride of carbon decomposes again, Precipitated fine carbon particles, which are attached to the surface of the anode, prevent the electrolyte from contacting with the anode, make the electrolyte not wet the anode well, just like water can not wet the oiled surface, so that the electrolyte-anode form a For a gas film with poor conductivity, the anode overvoltage increases, causing an anode effect. When new alumina is added, oxygen is precipitated on the anode, and the oxygen reacts with the carbon powder, gradually making the anode surface quiet, the resistance decreases, and the electrolysis process tends to normal.

Parameters of anodized aluminum sheet plate

  • Thickness: 0.01mm

Production process editing

1. Mechanical polishing;

2. Chemical treatment removes the copper component on the surface of certain alloys;

3. Cleaning and degreasing (for the anodized parts, if re-anodization is required, the original anodized surface layer is removed with alkali or special agent)

4. Put it in dilute sulfuric acid as an anode to conduct electricity to generate a surface oxide layer (it is porous and is a white translucent film);

5. Dyeing;

6. Fix (heat or close the pores of the surface oxide layer with chromate solution).

Why do aluminum plates need to be anodized?

Oxidation treatment can make the gloss of the metal surface remain unchanged for a long time, improve the corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, and obtain a decorative appearance after dyeing.
Oxidized aluminum plates are used in many places. Here are a few examples.

  1. Prevent product corrosion: The film layer obtained by the oxidation of the positive electrode has been properly sealed and has good stability in the atmosphere. No matter it is the oxide film obtained from sulfuric acid solution, oxalic acid solution or chromic acid solution in the normal process, its corrosion resistance is very good, such as daily aluminum pots, pots, washing machine linings, etc. The chromic acid oxidation method is particularly suitable for aluminum welded parts and riveted parts.
  2. Protection and decoration: On the oxide film with high transparency, the oxide film has the characteristics of being able to absorb a variety of agricultural production system dyes or inorganic pigments, and various bright and bright colors and patterns can be obtained on the oxide film. In addition, in recent years Many new processes have appeared, such as one-time oxidation and multiple coloring, firework patterns, wood grain patterns, oxidized offset printing transfer printing, porcelain oxidation, etc., which make the appearance of aluminum more beautiful and pleasing. This color film is both a decorative layer and a protective layer. Corrosion layer, such as lighters, gold pens and handicrafts.
  3. As a hard wear-resistant layer: in sulfuric acid or oxalic acid solution, a thick and hard film can be obtained by adjusting the process conditions of cation and oxidation, and the pores and absorption properties of the film can be used to store the selected oil , It is effectively applied to the working conditions under friction, and has the characteristics of lubrication and wear resistance, such as the engine cylinders and pistons of automobiles and tractors.
  4. As an electrical insulating layer: the oxide film layer of aluminum and its alloys has the characteristic of high resistance, and the thickness of the film layer is proportional to the resistance. This feature has certain practical significance as electrical insulation and can be used as a capacitor For the dielectric, aluminum oxide skin can also be used as the outer sheath of the cable, and its surface is used as an insulating layer to replace the rubber sheath and plastic sheath. When the film thickness is 27.5μm, the through voltage is 441V. If phenolic resin is used to fill the membrane holes, the breakdown voltage can be increased by 2 times. In oxalic acid solution, when the thickness of the membrane increases, an excellent insulating layer with a resistance of 200Ω and a breakdown voltage of 980V can be obtained. Of course, this feature can be used. In addition to being used for wires, it can also be used for other electrical appliances.
  5. As the bottom layer of spray paint and electroplating: due to the porousness and good adsorption capacity of the oxide film layer, it has good binding force with the paint film and the film of agricultural production system, and can be used as the bottom layer of paint. The film layer with relatively oxidized phosphoric acid can be used as the bottom layer of electroplating on aluminum.
  6. Used in modern buildings: Due to the introduction of electrolytic coloring of aluminum alloys, domestic electrolytic coloring has been increasingly used in architectural aluminum profiles in recent years. It not only has bronze, black, red, etc. suitable for architectural colors, but also has excellent wear resistance. In general conventional oxidation, it is particularly worth mentioning that the light fastness is very good, and the color will not fade in the atmosphere under the sun and night exposure for more than 20 years, which is incomparable with the oxidation coloring method. The aluminum profile oxidized by electrolytic coloring can not only be used for building doors and windows, but it is also particularly suitable for store counters and shelves.

Anodized aluminum sheet applications

  • Making colored anodizing aluminum panels
  • Anodized aluminum flashing
  • Industrial fabrication anodized aluminum sheet blanks
  • Laser cutting anodised aluminum sheet for solar cpc
  • Perforated stamped anodized aluminum sheet
  • Anodized aluminum plaque sheet for engraving ( blank card engraved name plates )
  • Pre anodized aluminum sheet for decoration ( decorating wall, craft etc )
  • Coloured anodising aluminum license plate frames
  • Anodined aluminum magazine glock base plate
  • Stamping part CNC maching anodized aluminum plate fasteners
  • Anodized aluminum products ( dinner plate, bottle, ring,  enclosure, cone washer, metal box, label plate, number plate, face plate, keyboard positioning plate, business card, clamp, road sign, street signal etc )
  • Anodized plated aluminum self tapping screw
  • Anodized aluminum plate laser etching
  • Marine grade anodized aluminum expanded sheets
  • Anodized self adhesive aluminum panel
  • Anodized punched aluminum sheet for car
  • Raw material anodized aluminum sheet non stick
  • Digitally printable anodized aluminum sheets
  • Precision metal cnc sheet aluminum anodizing
  • Anodized aluminium electrical plate
  • Anodized aluminium switch wall plate
  • Anodized plate aluminium profile

Hot sales products

  • Unsealed anodised aluminium sheet
  • Photosensitive anodized aluminum sheets
  • Anodized aluminum plaque plate 86x54x0.8mm
  • High specular reflector ( 98% ) anodized aluminum sheets

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Anodized aluminum sheet packing

Standrad export seaworthy wooden pallet with

  1. Plastic film protection.
  2. Hard Kraft Paper.
  3. Steel Bar Bunch.
  4. Wooden plate.