What size are the 4×8 aluminum sheets?

What is a 4×8 aluminum plate? Perhaps many people will have this question, this article will take you to learn more about aluminum sheet 4×8.4×8 actually refers to the length and width of the aluminum plate, 4 means 4 feet long, and 8 means 8 feet long. Aluminum sheet 4×8 is a standard size of aluminum sheet commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. The thickness of Aluminum sheeting 4×8 can vary depending on the specific application, but is usually in the range of 1/8 inch to 1 inch.

aluminum-sheet 4x8
aluminum-sheet 4×8

 4×8 aluminum sheet metal specifications

4×8 sheet aluminum is the most conventional way of expressing the size of aluminum sheet, and it can also be expressed by 4 foot × 8 foot aluminum sheet; 4ft × 8ft aluminum sheet; 4′ × 8′ aluminum sheet, 8×4 aluminum sheet,etc.

 How many mm is a 4×8 sheet of aluminum?

4 x 8 is actually the abbreviation of 4ft x 8ft aluminum sheet, one foot is 12 inches, which is 304.8mm. Sheets of aluminum 4×8 can be written as 1219.2mmx2438.4mm in millimeter conversion.

Specification Comparison Of 4×8 Aluminum Sheet

 4×8 size(mm)
  • 1220x2440mm aluminum sheet
  • 1219.2×2438.4mm aluminum sheet
4×8 size(inch)
  • 48″x96″ aluminum sheet
  • 48in x 96in aluminum sheet
  • 48inch x 96inch aluminum sheet

 How much is a 4×8 sheet of aluminum?

The cost of a 4aluminum sheeting 4×8 can vary depending on the specific type and thickness of the aluminum. Additionally, prices may vary by location and supplier. Such as 4×8 sheet of 1/8 inch aluminum price and 4×8 sheet of 1/16 inch aluminum price The prices are not the same. For example, 1 8 inch aluminum sheet 4×8 is more complicated in processing than 4×8 aluminum sheet 1 4, so the price will be more expensive. A 4×8 sheet of 1/4 inch aluminum price is about $2999 a ton.

 Hwalu 4×8 sheet of aluminum thickness specification

We have multiple production lines and complete production equipment, which can meet your thickness requirements to the greatest extent. The following is our common aluminum sheet metal 4×8 thickness.

Thickness Type 1(in)
  • 1/8 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 4×8 1 4 aluminum sheet
  • 125 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 3/16 4×8 aluminum sheet
  • 1 16 aluminum sheet 4×8
Thickness Type 2(gauge)
  • 16 gauge aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 18 gauge aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 20 gauge aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 24 gauge aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 12 gauge aluminum sheet 4×8
  • 8 gauge aluminum sheet 4×8
Thickness Type 3(mm)
  • .032 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • .040 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • .050 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • .063 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • .080 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • .090 aluminum sheet 4×8
  • .100 aluminum sheet 4×8

 How much does a 4×8 sheet of aluminum weight?

The weight of a aluminum 4×8 sheets will depend on its thickness or gauge.
The density of the aluminum plate in the 1-8 series alloy is basically the same, so we can choose one of the 6000 series as the measurement standard.
Assuming the aluminum sheet is of 6061-T6 alloy and 1/8 inch (0.125 inches) thick, which is a common thickness, the weight of the 4×8 aluminum sheet 1/8 would be:
method one:
Weight = Area x Density
Area = 4 ft x 8 ft = 32 sq ft
Density = 0.098 pounds per cubic inch (lb/in^3), which is the density of 6061-T6 aluminum
Thickness = 1/8 inch = 0.125 inches

Weight = 32 sq ft x 0.098 lb/in^3 x 0.125 inches = 10.4 pounds=4.71744kg.

Therefore, a 4×8 sheets of aluminum of 6061-T6 aluminum that is 1/8 inch thick would weigh approximately 10.4 pounds. However, if the thickness of the sheet is different, the weight would vary accordingly.

 Where to buy 4×8 sheet of aluminum?

Where can i buy 4×8 sheets of aluminum? There are a few ways to buy 4×8 aluminum sheets, depending on where you are and what your specific needs are. If you want to buy locally, experience the buying service of 4×8 aluminum sheet near me, you can choose from local manufacturers, metal supply stores, fabrication workshops and so on. Remember to compare aluminum sheet prices 4×8 and quality of different suppliers before buying.

The other is to import from a China 4×8 aluminum sheet supplier. Since the price of raw materials in China is lower, if you purchase in large quantities, the cost of importing from China will be lower, and the quality of the sheet of aluminum 4×8 can also be guaranteed.

 Diamond plate aluminum sheets 4×8

Aluminum diamond plate sheets 4×8 is a relatively common specification, which is widely used in industrial manufacturing and construction. 4×8 sheet aluminum diamond plate that have a raised diamond pattern on the surface, which provides extra traction and helps prevent slipping. The sheets are typically made from 3003 aluminum alloy, which 4×8 sheet diamond plate aluminum abundance and corrosion resistance excellent.

A 4×8 diamond plate aluminum sheet refers to a sheet that is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, which is a common size for this type of sheet. The thickness of the sheet can vary depending on the application, but common thicknesses range from 0.025 inches to 0.125 inches.

4×8 sheets of diamond plate aluminum are used in a variety of applications, such as in truck beds, trailers, walkways, and flooring. They are also used for decorative purposes in architecture and design. The raised diamond pattern adds a unique and visually appealing text to surfaces, making it a popular choice for both functional and aesthetic applications.

 Hwalu 4×8 aluminum sheet export type

There are many types of 4 x 8 aluminum sheets, which can be divided into various categories according to processing methods, sizes, and surface treatment methods.

4×8 aluminum sheet process
  • painted aluminum sheets 4×8
  • perforated aluminum sheet 4×8
  • polished aluminum sheet 4×8
  • anodized aluminum sheet 4×8
4×8 aluminum sheet color
  • white aluminum sheet 4×8
  • colored aluminum sheets 4×8
  • 4×8 black aluminum sheet
4×8 aluminum sheet thickness
  • thin aluminum sheet 4×8
  • standard 4×8 aluminum sheet
  • 4×8 thick aluminum plate
4×8 common aluminum sheet alloy
  • 6061 aluminum 4×8 sheet
  • 5052 aluminum 4×8 sheet