What is 1350 aluminum foil?

1350 aluminum foil is a high-purity aluminum alloy, mainly composed of aluminum and a small amount of impurity elements. The following is a detailed introduction to 1350 aluminum foil from different angles:

1350 aluminum foil chemical composition:

The main component of 1350 aluminum foil is aluminum, and the content of impurity elements is low. The common impurity elements are silicon, iron, copper, manganese and magnesium. The purity of aluminum is usually above 99.5%, which meets the requirement of high purity.

1350 aluminum foil physical properties:

1350 aluminum foil has excellent physical properties, such as high electrical conductivity, low density, good thermal conductivity and plasticity. Specifically, the electrical conductivity of 1350 aluminum foil is about 37.7 MS/m, the density is about 2.71 g/cm³, the thermal conductivity is 237 W/(m K), and the elongation is about 30%.

Aluminum foil 1235 Processing performance:

Due to the good plasticity of 1350 aluminum foil, it can be easily shaped and formed under heating. Its ductility and tensile strength are also preserved during processing. Therefore, it can be processed by various methods such as deep drawing, rolling, bending, shearing and stretching.

Application fields of 1350 aluminum foil:

Because 1350 aluminum foil has high purity, high conductivity and good plasticity, it is widely used in the fields of power transmission and electronics. For example, it can be used in the manufacture of cables and transformer coils, inductors and capacitors, electronic components and circuit boards, etc.

1350 aluminum foil special requirements:

In some special applications, 1350 aluminum foil also needs to meet some special requirements. For example, in cable manufacturing, the surface quality of 1350 aluminum foil is required to be good, without cracks, oxides and oil stains on the surface. At the same time, its width and thickness also need to be precisely controlled according to cable specifications and requirements.

In summary, 1350 aluminum foil is a high-purity aluminum alloy with excellent physical properties, good processing performance and a wide range of applications. We can produce 1350 aluminum foil products that meet different specific requirements by controlling its chemical composition and processing technology to meet customer needs.