1235 aluminum foil product introduction

The aluminum content of 1235 aluminum foil is not less than 99.35%. Huawei Aluminum can process 1235 aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.006-0.2mm. This product is widely used in wire and cable because of its good antirust properties, formability, and fusion properties. , tape, battery foil.

1235 aluminum foil
1235 aluminum foil

Aluminum 1235 foil specifications

Alloy: 1235
Thickness: 0.006mm-0.2mm
Width: 250mm-1650mm
Status: HO/H22/H24/H18/H26/H19 etc.
Industry application: household foil, container foil, medicine foil, soft package, heat seal, beer label, etc.

Huawei 1235 aluminum foil performance characteristics:

1: 1235 aluminum foil has strong mechanical properties.
2: Aluminum foil 1235 has a clean surface, uniform color, no creases, no color difference, and the board surface is smooth and clean.
3: 1235 aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture-proof, air-tight, light-shielding, abrasion-resistant, and fragrance-preserving.
4: 1235 aluminum foil has passed a number of tests, safe and hygienic without pollution.
5: There are no rolling defects such as creases, mottled spots and bright lines on the surface of 1235 aluminum foil;
6: There is no color difference on the surface of aluminum foil;
7: No oil on the surface, no serious oil smell, no visible oil spots;