1070 aluminum foil alloy introduction

1070 Pure Aluminum Foil is an aluminum known for its high purity, suitable for a wide range of applications. It is a member of the 1000 series of aluminum alloys and is characterized by its high aluminum content and excellent corrosion resistance. The “1070” designation indicates that the alloy contains 99.7 percent aluminum by weight, with trace amounts of other elements.The element content of 1070 aluminum foil is shown in the table below.

1070 Aluminum Foil Metal Content Table

Performance parameters of 1070 pure aluminum foil

Tensile strength σb (MPa)Yield strengt σ0.2 (MPa)Elongation δ16 (%)Electrical conductivity (%)

1070 aluminum foil product specification

Alloy1070 (1000 series)
TemperF, O, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, etc.
ApplicationFood packaging, capacitors, cable, transformers, container foils, etc.
Aluminum foil density2.7×10³kg/m³
Weight per unit area:40.50±0.85 g/m²
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Application of 1070 aluminum foil

1070 aluminum foil is a type of aluminum foil that is composed of 99.7% pure aluminum. It has several applications due to its excellent properties such as high electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and low density. Here are some common applications of 1070 aluminum foil:

  1. Electrical and electronic industry: 1070 aluminum foil is widely used in the electrical and electronic industry due to its high electrical conductivity. It is commonly used as a conductor in power cables, transformers, capacitors, and other electronic components.
  2. Packaging industry: 1070 aluminum foil is commonly used in the packaging industry due to its excellent barrier properties. It is used for packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products to protect them from moisture, oxygen, light, and other environmental factors.
  3. Heat exchangers: 1070 aluminum foil is used in the manufacturing of heat exchangers due to its high thermal conductivity. It is used as a fin material in heat exchanger coils to transfer heat efficiently in air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and other cooling applications.
  4. Lithium-ion batteries: 1070 aluminum foil is used as a current collector in lithium-ion batteries due to its high electrical conductivity and low weight. It is used in the anode and cathode of the battery to improve its performance and efficiency.
  5. Insulation: 1070 aluminum foil is used as a reflective insulation material in buildings to prevent heat loss or gain. It is commonly used as a radiant barrier in roofs, walls, and floors to reduce energy consumption and improve thermal efficiency.
  6. Automotive industry: 1070 aluminum foil is used in the automotive industry for various applications, including heat shields, decorative trims, and electrical components. Its lightweight and corrosion resistance properties make it suitable for automotive applications where weight reduction and durability are important.
  7. Decorative applications: 1070 aluminum foil is used in decorative applications, such as gift wrapping, craft projects, and artistic creations, due to its malleability, light weight, and ability to retain its shape.
  8. Other applications: 1070 aluminum foil is also used in other applications, such as reflective coatings, labels and tags, and pharmaceutical packaging, due to its excellent properties and versatility.