8079 alüminyum folyo malzemesi Bileşimi:

8079 alüminyum folyo öncelikle olarak bilinen bir alüminyum alaşımından yapılır. 8079. Özelliklerini geliştirmek için özel kimyasal bileşimlere sahip yüksek kaliteli bir alüminyum alaşımıdır..

8079 alüminyum folyo alaşımı özellikleri:

bu 8079 alüminyum alaşımı öncelikle alüminyumdan oluşur (Al) az miktarda diğer elementlerle. Bu alaşım bileşimi mükemmel dayanıklılık sağlar, korozyon direnci, and formability.

Thickness Range:

8079 aluminum foil is available in a range of thicknesses, typically ranging from 0.006mm to 0.2mm (6 microns to 200 mikron). The precise thickness can be customized according to specific application requirements.

Application Areas:

8079 aluminum foil finds extensive use in various industries. It is commonly employed in the packaging industry for food packaging, farmasötik ambalaj, ev tipi folyo, and other flexible packaging applications. It is also utilized in insulation, electrical capacitors, and other specialized applications.

Bariyer Özellikleri:

One of the key features of 8079 aluminum foil is its excellent barrier properties. It acts as a protective barrier against moisture, ışık, gazlar, ve diğer kirleticiler. This makes it ideal for preserving the freshness, lezzet, and quality of packaged goods.

Flexibility and Formability:

8079 aluminum foil is highly flexible and exhibits remarkable formability. It can be easily shaped, katlanmış, and wrapped around different products, enabling it to adapt to various packaging requirements. This flexibility allows for efficient packaging and sealing processes.

Termal iletkenlik:

Aliminyum folyo, içermek 8079 aliminyum folyo, possesses excellent thermal conductivity. It efficiently transfers and distributes heat, making it suitable for applications such as heat sealing, yalıtım, and heat dissipation in various industries.

Surface Finish and Appearance:

8079 aluminum foil typically has a bright, reflective surface finish. It provides an attractive and professional appearance when used for packaging purposes. This smooth surface also facilitates easy printing and labeling, enhancing the product’s aesthetics and branding.

8079 aluminum foil vs 8021 aliminyum folyo

karakteristik8079 Aliminyum folyo8021 Aliminyum folyo
Material CompositionAlüminyum alaşım 8079Alüminyum alaşım 8021
Alloy PropertiesExcellent strength, korozyon direnci, and formabilityHigh tensile strength, excellent elongation, and formability
Thickness RangeTypically 0.006mm to 0.2mm (6 microns to 200 mikron)Typically 0.018mm to 0.2mm (18 microns to 200 mikron)
Application AreasYemek paketleme, farmasötik ambalaj, ev tipi folyo, vesaire.İlaç ambalajı, esnek paketleme, vesaire.
Bariyer ÖzellikleriExcellent barrier against moisture, ışık, gazlar, and odorsExceptional barrier against moisture, ışık, and gases
Flexibility and FormabilityHighly flexible and easily adaptable to different packaging needsHighly flexible and easily adaptable to various applications
Termal iletkenlikExcellent heat conductivity for efficient heat transferGood heat conductivity for effective heat dissipation
Surface Finish and AppearanceShiny and smooth surface finishShiny and smooth surface finish