Что 1070 алюминиевый лист?

1070 aluminum sheet is a type of aluminum alloy that is composed mainly of aluminum (over 99% алюминий) and small amounts of other elements. 1070 aluminum sheet has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, хорошая формуемость, and is easy to weld and braze.It is a commercially pure aluminum alloy, which means it has no significant alloying elements that can alter its properties.It is often used in applications that require these properties, such as in electrical equipment, теплообменники, отражатели, and decorative parts. Благодаря высокой отражательной способности, it is also commonly used in lighting applications.

1070 aluminum sheet is a versatile and reliable material that can meet various industrial and commercial needs.

1070 Aluminum Sheet Specifications

A series of aluminum alloy plates is one of the main products produced by Huawei Aluminum. Технические характеристики 1070 pure aluminum are as follows:

ХарактерО, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38
Surface TreatmentMill finish, anodized, embossed, brushed, polished, color coated
ПриложениеElectrical and electronic components, capacitor cases, кухонная утварь, отражатели, таблички с именами, building materials, так далее.

Note that these specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer and supplier.

Применение 1070 алюминиевая пластина

1070 aluminum sheet has a wide range of applications, the following are some common applications:

Capacitor1070 aluminum plate has excellent electrical and conductive properties, so it is widely used in the manufacture of capacitors.Aluminum sheet for Capacitor
Car radiator1070 aluminum plate has very good thermal conductivity, so it is widely used in the manufacture of car radiators, which can help the radiator to dissipate heat better.aluminum sheet for Car radiator
Condenser1070 aluminum plate is also widely used in the manufacture of condensers, which can improve the efficiency and life of condensers.aluminum sheet for Condenser
Building materials1070 aluminum sheets can also be used in the manufacture of building materials, such as roofs, потолки, exterior wall decoration, так далее.aluminum sheet for roofs
Packaging materialsПотому что 1070 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance and processing performance, it is also widely used in the manufacture of packaging materials in food, pharmaceutical and other industries.aluminum sheet for Packaging

Due to its excellent electrical properties, thermal conductivity, устойчивость к коррозии, and processing properties, 1070 aluminum sheets are widely used in many fields.