30 producto de papel de aluminio de micras

30 El papel de aluminio de micras se refiere al papel de aluminio con un espesor de 30 micras (μm) o 0.03 milímetros (mm). Papel de aluminio 30 El micrófono es una lámina relativamente delgada que se usa comúnmente en una variedad de aplicaciones, incluido el embalaje., aislamiento, Conductores eléctricos y de cocina.. los “micrón” aquí hay una unidad de longitud, 1 micrón es igual a 1/1000 mm, o 0.001 mm.

30 micron aluminum foil equivalent name

30 micron aluminum foil30 mic aluminum foil0.03mm aluminum foil
30μm aluminum foilaluminium foil 30 mic30 micron aluminium foil

Papel de aluminio 30 micron alloy type

Serie de aluminioAlloy Grade
1000 serie1050,1060,1070,1100,1235,1350
3000 serie3003,3004,3105
5000 serie5005,5052,5083
6000 serie6061,6082
8000 serie8011,8021,8079

30micrón 1235 alloy aluminum foil

Aleación 1235 is a forged aluminum alloy with excellent formability and high thermal conductivity. It typically contains about 99% aluminum with small amounts of iron and silicon impurities. This alloy is commonly used in packaging applications due to its flexibility, good barrier properties, and ability to withstand a wide temperature range.

The following are general specifications for 30 micron aluminum foil using AA 1235 aleación:

Aleación: Automóvil club británico 1235
Espesor: 30 micras (0.03 mm)
Ancho: Width may vary depending on manufacturer and application.
Tempering: Típicamente, foil is supplied in a soft tempered (recocido) condition to maximize flexibility.
Superficie: Foils can have a glossy or matte finish, depending on the desired application.
Rendimiento: buena conformabilidad, alta conductividad térmica, excellent barrier properties, resistencia a la corrosión.

30 micron medicinal aluminum foil

30 micron pharmaceutical aluminum foil is a special aluminum foil specially used for packaging pharmaceuticals. Medicinal 30 mic aluminum foil can meet the strict requirements for hygiene, safety and preservation of pharmaceutical products. The following are the specifications of 30 micron pharmaceutical aluminum foil:

Aleación: Automóvil club británico 8011 or AA 8021 are commonly used in pharmaceutical aluminum foils due to their excellent barrier properties and compatibility with pharmaceutical formulations.

Espesor: 30 micras (0.03 mm).

Ancho: Usually supplied in rolls of different widths to meet different packaging needs.

Condición: Soft condition (recocido) to ensure flexibility and ease of use during packaging.

Superficie: Foils may have a glossy or matte finish, depending on manufacturer specifications and customer preference.

Propiedades de barrera: The foil should provide an effective barrier against moisture, oxígeno, luz, and other external factors that may degrade the quality and efficacy of the drug product.

Cumplimiento: Aluminum foil should comply with relevant regulatory standards and guidelines for pharmaceutical packaging, such as those set by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or the European Pharmacopoeia.

Impresión: Basic information such as product details, dosage instructions, expiration dates and barcodes can be printed using safe, non-toxic ink.

30 micron aluminum foil household foil

30 micron aluminum foil, when referred to as household foil, is a type of aluminum foil designed specifically for a variety of household uses, primarily in the kitchen. The following are typical specifications for 30 micron household aluminum foil:

aluminum foil household foil
aluminum foil household foil

Aleación: Automóvil club británico 8011 is commonly used in household aluminum foil due to its excellent properties for food contact and general household use.
Espesor: 30 micras (0.03 mm).
Ancho: Typically supplied in rolls of varying widths, typically ranging from 30cm to 45cm, suitable for a variety of kitchen tasks.
Condición: Estado suave (recocido), easy to handle and wrap food or cover containers.
Superficie: Foils may have a glossy or matte finish, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications and consumer preference.
Propiedades de barrera: Provides a protective barrier against moisture, light and odor, helping to preserve food freshness and flavor.
Conductividad térmica: Good thermal conductivity allows for even heating and cooking when baking, grilling or packaging food for storage.
Safety: Made of food-grade materials, it complies with relevant regulations and standards for food contact materials.
embalaje: Typically packed in cardboard boxes with serrated cut edges to facilitate tearing and dispensing of the foil.
30mic household aluminum foil has a wide range of applications in the kitchen, including wrapping food for storage, covering dishes when cooking or reheating, lining baking sheets and grills to prevent sticking, and forming packages for grilling or steaming.