Bienvenido a Huawei Aluminio, su destino principal para papel de aluminio de alta calidad diseñado específicamente para envases de alimentos. Nuestro compromiso con la excelencia y la innovación garantiza que entreguemos productos superiores que satisfagan las diversas necesidades de la industria alimentaria.. El papel de aluminio se ha vuelto indispensable en el envasado de alimentos debido a sus inigualables propiedades de barrera., flexibilidad, y reciclabilidad. Aquí, we explore our extensive range of aluminum foil options, tailored to preserve freshness, extend shelf life, and enhance the convenience of your food products.

Food Grade Aluminium Foil
Food Grade Aluminium Foil

Why Choose Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging?

Aluminum foil stands out as an ideal material for food packaging, offering a combination of properties unmatched by other packaging materials:

  • Superior Barrier Protection: Aluminum foil acts as an absolute barrier to light, oxígeno, humedad, y bacterias, making it perfect for preserving food.
  • Conductividad térmica: It heats and cools quickly, providing unmatched convenience in food preparation and storage.
  • No tóxico & Hygienic: Aluminum foil is non-toxic and does not harbor or promote bacteria, ensuring food safety.
  • Reciclabilidad: It is 100% reciclable, making it a choice material for environmentally conscious businesses.

Nuestra gama de productos

Huawei Aluminum offers a comprehensive selection of aluminum foil products, suitable for a wide array of food packaging applications. Our products are categorized based on alloy, templar, espesor, and application to help you find the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging and Container
Aluminum Foil for Food Packaging and Container

Modelos y especificaciones de aleación

Our aluminum foil products come in various alloy models, each with its unique set of properties tailored to specific packaging requirements. Below is a detailed table showcasing our main alloy models and their specifications:

AleaciónTemplarEspesor (mm)Ancho (mm)Solicitud
1235O0.006-0.009200-1890Embalajes flexibles, laminations
8011O, H220.01-0.02200-1600Food containers, hoja de hogar
8079O0.006-0.009200-1890High-end flexible packaging
3003H22, H240.02-0.2200-1600Food containers, foil trays

This table is a guide to our most popular aluminum foil alloys, designed to meet the diverse needs of the food packaging industry. Each alloy has been carefully selected and processed to ensure the highest quality and performance in its respective applications.

Opciones de personalización

Understanding that businesses have unique needs, Huawei Aluminum offers extensive customization options for aluminum foil products. Customers can specify the alloy, templar, espesor, ancho, and coil size, ensuring that the product perfectly matches their packaging requirements.

Applications of Aluminum Foil in Food Packaging

Aluminum foil is incredibly versatile, finding utility in various segments of the food packaging industry:

  • Flexible Packaging: Ideal for snacks, dulces, and other confections, offering excellent moisture and oxygen barrier properties.
  • Household Foil: Commonly used in kitchens for wrapping, cocinando, and storing food, providing a convenient, hygienic solution.
  • Food Containers: Aluminum foil containers are perfect for takeaways, horneando, and storage, offering durability and heat retention.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: Used in blister packs, ensuring the protection of sensitive medications from moisture and contamination.
Aluminum foil and laminates for food packaging
Aluminum foil and laminates for food packaging

Garantía de Calidad y Certificaciones

En Huawei Aluminio, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Nuestros procesos de fabricación se ajustan a estrictas medidas de control de calidad., ensuring that each roll of aluminum foil meets international standards for food safety and quality. We are proud to hold certifications from reputable bodies, affirming our commitment to excellence and safety in food packaging.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Huawei Aluminum is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through responsible manufacturing practices. Our aluminum foil is fully recyclable, contributing to a circular economy and reducing waste in the food packaging industry.

Why Huawei Aluminum?

Choosing Huawei Aluminum as your aluminum foil supplier offers numerous advantages:

  • Wide Range of Products: We offer an extensive selection of alloys, espesores, and specifications to meet all your food packaging needs.
  • Personalización: Tailor your aluminum foil requirements to suit your specific applications, with flexible options in size, aleación, and temper.
  • Quality and Safety: Our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring they are perfect for food packaging applications.
  • Experiencia y soporte: With years of experience in the aluminum industry, our team provides expert advice and support, helping you make the best choices for your packaging needs.


For more information on our aluminum foil products for food packaging or to discuss your specific requirements, por favor contáctenos. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with expert advice and tailored solutions.