Was ist 1350 Aluminium Spule?

Was ist aluminium qualität 1350? 1350 Aluminiumspule bezieht sich auf eine Aluminiumspule aus 1350 Legierung, Dabei handelt es sich um eine handelsübliche reine Aluminiumlegierung. Legierung 1350 gehört zum “1xxx” Reihe von Aluminiumlegierungen, die für ihre hohe Reinheit und hervorragende elektrische Leitfähigkeit bekannt sind.

1350 Chemische Eigenschaften von Aluminiumspulen(%)


1350 aluminum coil features

Legierung 1350 Aluminum Coil is a commercially pure aluminum alloy known for its high electrical conductivity and other specific properties that make it suitable for a variety of applications, particularly in the electrical and electronics industries.

High Conductivity: One of the most notable features of 1350 aluminum coil is its excellent conductivity. Its electrical conductivity is the highest of all aluminum alloys.

Purity: Legierung 1350 consists of at least 99.5% Aluminium, making it a high purity alloy. The minimal presence of other elements contributes to its excellent electrical properties and ensures minimal interference with conduction.

Soft and malleable: 1350 aluminum is soft and malleable, meaning it can be shaped, bent and formed with ease.

Low Strength: While softness and ductility are beneficial for forming, 1350 alloy has relatively low mechanical strength compared to other aluminum alloys.

Korrosionsbeständigkeit: Like other aluminum alloys, 1350 aluminum coils exhibit good corrosion resistance. jedoch, its high purity can enhance its corrosion resistance in certain environments.

Wärmeleitfähigkeit: 1350 Aluminiumspulen, while not as high as their electrical conductivity, still have appreciable thermal conductivity.

Low Density: The low density of aluminum makes 1350 aluminum coils light in weight.

Wozu benutzt man 1350 Aluminium Spule

Legierung 1350 aluminum coils are mainly used in applications where high electrical conductivity is required while other mechanical properties can be more flexible. Its purity and excellent electrical conductivity make it particularly suitable for electrical and electronic applications.

Electrical Conductors: The main application for 1350 aluminum coils is as electrical conductors, especially where high electrical conductivity is critical.

Transformers: Due to the high electrical conductivity and ductility of 1350aluminum coil, Legierung 1350 is commonly used in transformer windings, which require efficient energy transfer with minimal energy loss.

Foil Capacitors: In some types of capacitors, such as foil capacitors, high electrical conductivity is important for efficient charge storage and 1350 aluminum foil can be used.

Electrical Connectors and Busbars: Legierung 1350 is used in the manufacture of electrical connectors and busbars that require efficient current transfer, such as those found in electrical panels and industrial equipment.

Welding wire: Due to its electrical properties, 1350 aluminum can be used as welding wire in some special applications.

Wärmetauscher: In manchen Fällen, 1350 aluminum may be used in heat exchangers, and its electrical conductivity may be beneficial in some designs.

Although alloy 1350 has excellent electrical properties, it has low mechanical strength compared to other aluminum alloys.

1350 Mechanische Eigenschaften von Aluminiumspulen

Legierung 1350 is known for its high electrical conductivity, but has relatively low mechanical strength compared to many other aluminum alloys. Ihre mechanischen Eigenschaften sind im Allgemeinen darauf ausgelegt, ihre primäre Verwendung als elektrische Leiter zu unterstützen, wo Stärke keine große Rolle spielt. Im Folgenden sind typische mechanische Eigenschaften aufgeführt 1350 Aluminiumspulen:

Zugfestigkeit: 1350 Aluminiumspulen haben eine relativ geringe Zugfestigkeit, normalerweise in der Nähe 55 zu 95 Megapascal (MPa) oder 8,000 zu 14,000 Pfund pro Quadratzoll (psi). Diese geringe Zugfestigkeit macht 1350 Aluminium ist für Anwendungen, die eine hohe mechanische Festigkeit erfordern, ungeeignet.

Ertragsstärke: Die Streckgrenze von 1350 Aluminium ist normalerweise geringer als die Zugfestigkeit und liegt typischerweise im Bereich von 30 zu 70 MPa (4,350 zu 10,150 psi).

Verlängerung: Elongation is a measure of how much a material can stretch before breaking. Legierung 1350 aluminum coils typically exhibit high elongation, often in excess of 25%. This indicates its excellent ductility and ability to deform without fracture.

Härte: 1350 alloy aluminum coil is relatively soft and has a lower hardness value compared to other aluminum alloys. Its hardness is usually in the 17 zu 30 Brinell range.

Elastizitätsmodul: The modulus of elasticity (Young’s modulus) von 1350 aluminum is approximately 69 GPa (10 x 10^6 psi). This value represents the ability of the material to deform elastically under stress.