As 'n toonaangewende '.125 aluminiumplaat' fabriek en groothandelaar, Huawei Aluminium is toegewyd aan die verskaffing van hoëgehalte aluminiumprodukte om aan die behoeftes van ons kliënte te voldoen. Met jare se ondervinding in die bedryf, ons het onsself gevestig as 'n betroubare verskaffer van aluminiumplate vir verskeie toepassings.

.125 aluminiumplaat inleiding

Aluminiumplate word wyd in verskeie industrieë gebruik as gevolg van hul liggewig, korrosiebestand, and durable properties. By Huawei Aluminium, we offer a wide range of ‘.125 aluminum sheet’ products in different alloy models and specifications to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our aluminum sheets are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure superior performance and durability.

0.125 Aluminiumplaat
0.125 Aluminiumplaat

Alloy Models and Specifications:

To make it easier for our customers to compare and choose the right ‘.125 aluminum sheet’ product, we have created tables to display the parameters and specifications of each alloy model. The tables include information on the alloy composition, meganiese eienskappe, chemiese samestelling, and other relevant details of the aluminum sheet.

GraadTrek sterkte (psi)Lewer krag (psi)Common ApplicationsBreedte (in)Lengte (in)Gewig (lb/ft2)Gewig (lb/sheet)Allooi model
110013,0005,000Chemiese toerusting, food handling equipment, sheet metal work36961.76442.341100
300322,00021,000Cooking utensils, drukvate, builder’s hardware, decorative trim36961.76442.343003
505233,00028,000Marine applications, brandstoftenks, vragmotor en sleepwa bakkies, sheet metal work481441.76484.675052-H32
508642,00030,000Marine applications, structural components, vervoertoerusting36961.76442.345086
545438,00025,000Drukvate, marine applications, vervoertoerusting36961.76442.345454
606145,00040,000Strukturele toepassings, motoronderdele, vliegtuig komponente, electrical fittings481441.76484.676061-T 6
Aluminium .125 in Metal Stock
Aluminium .125 in Metal Stock

.125 aluminiumplaattoepassing

.125 aluminium plaat is a common thickness of aluminum sheet metal that can be used for various applications. Depending on the alloy and temper of the sheet, it may have different properties and characteristics. Some of the possible applications of .125 aluminum sheet are:

  • Roofing and siding: .125 aluminum sheet can be used as a lightweight and durable material for roofing and siding panels. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and corrosion, and it can be easily formed and cut to fit different shapes and sizes. Some of the suitable aluminum sheet grades for roofing and siding are 3003, 5052, en 6061.
Fuel tank
  • Fuel tanks and lines: .125 aluminum sheet can be used to make fuel tanks and lines for aircraft, vehicles, and marine applications. It can resist high temperatures and pressures, and it can prevent fuel leakage and contamination. Some of the suitable aluminum sheet grades for fuel tanks and lines are 5052, 5086, en 6061.
  • Signage and displays: .125 aluminum sheet can be used to create signage and displays for various purposes, such as advertising, handelsmerk, and information. It can be painted, geanodiseer, or coated with different colors and finishes, and it can be cut and bent to form various shapes and designs. Some of the suitable aluminum sheet grades for signage and displays are 1100, 3003, en 6061.
  • Structural components: .125 aluminum sheet can be used to make structural components for various industries, soos lugvaart, motor, and construction. It can provide high strength and stiffness, and it can be welded, riveted, or bolted to other parts. Some of the suitable aluminum sheet grades for structural components are 5454, 6061, en 7075.