Weet meer oor geanodiseerde aluminiumplaat

Die aluminiumplaat van die anode word geoksideer, en 'n dun laag aluminiumoksied word op die oppervlak gevorm met 'n dikte van 5 aan 20 mikrons, en die hard geanodiseerde film kan bereik 60 aan 200 mikrons. Die geanodiseerde aluminiumplaat verbeter sy hardheid en slytasieweerstand, tot 250-500 kg/mm2, het baie goeie hittebestandheid, die hard geanodiseerde film het 'n smeltpunt van tot 2320K, uitstekende isolasie, and breakdown resistance The voltage is as high as 2000V, which enhances the anti-corrosion performance. It will not corrode for thousands of hours in ω=0.03NaCl salt spray.

Geanodiseerde aluminiumplaat

There are a lot of micropores in the thin oxide film layer, which can adsorb various lubricants, suitable for the manufacture of engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts; the film micropores have strong adsorption capacity and can be colored into various beautiful and bright colors. Non-ferrous metals or their alloys (such as aluminum, magnesium and their alloys, ens.) can be anodized.

Anodized aluminum sheets are widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft auto parts, presisie-instrumente en radiotoerusting, architectural decoration, machine casings, lamps and lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, tekens, meubels, automotive decoration and other industries.