3004 aluminum circle disc introduction

“3004 алюмінієвий круг” refers to a circular aluminum plate or sheet made of aluminum alloy 3004 as raw material. “3004” is the grade of aluminum alloy, which is commonly used in 3000 алюмінієвий сплав серії. 3004 represents the composition and performance characteristics of the alloy, and usually contains aluminum, manganese and other small amounts of alloying elements. It has good corrosion resistance, формоздатність і зварюваність.

3004 aluminum circle for sale
3004 aluminum circle for sale

3004 aluminum alloy element content


Що 3004 aluminum circle used for?

The manufacture of aluminum alloy 3004 wafers usually involves processes such as cutting, forming, stamping and machining to obtain the desired shape and size. These round sheets of aluminum can be used as the raw material for making pots, каструлі, dinner plates, lampshades, auto parts and more. The specific uses of 3004 aluminum circles can include:

Aluminum circle used for cookware: 3004 aluminum circles are commonly used in the manufacture of cookware, such as pots, каструлі, woks. Their excellent thermal conductivity, light weight and corrosion resistance make them suitable for use in cookware.

Aluminum circle used for lighting fixtures: Aluminum circles are used to make components for lighting fixtures, shades and reflectors due to their reflective properties and ease of shaping.

Aluminum circle used for automotive parts: Due to their formability and lightweight properties, these circles are used to produce automotive parts such as wheel covers, trim and interior parts.

Aluminum circle used for signs and nameplates: Aluminum circles are often used as the base material for signs, nameplates and plaques because they are durable and easy to engrave or print.

Aluminum circle used for Pressure Vessels: Aluminum circles are used in the manufacture of pressure vessels and vessels due to their corrosion resistance and ability to be formed into different shapes.

Aluminum circle used for general manufacturing: 3004 aluminum circles can be used in a variety of general manufacturing applications requiring round or disc shaped aluminum parts.

The specific application of the 3004 aluminum circle may vary due to factors such as thickness, size, and surface treatment. The properties of aluminum alloys, including their corrosion resistance and formability, contribute to their suitability for these applications.

Difference between 3003 aluminum circle and 3004 алюмінієвий круг

Обидва 3003 aluminum disc and 3004 aluminum disc are aluminum alloys that are commonly used in a variety of applications, including the production of aluminum circles (also known as aluminum discs or billets). Поки 3003 і 3004 aluminum alloys share some similarities, they also have distinct differences:

3003 Алюмінієвий круг:
Composition: 3003 aluminum alloy is composed of aluminum as the main element, with manganese (Мн) as the primary alloying element. It is a non-heat-treatable alloy.
Characteristics: 3003 is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, хороша формоутворюваність, and moderate strength. It is commonly used in applications that require good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and moderate strength.
3004 Алюмінієвий круг:

Composition: 3004 aluminum alloy is also composed of aluminum as the main element, but it includes a higher percentage of manganese (Мн) and additional alloying elements, such as magnesium (Mg). Like 3003, it is a non-heat-treatable alloy .
Characteristics: 3004 offers similar corrosion resistance to 3003 but with improved strength and better workability. It is often chosen when higher strength and better forming characteristics are required.

Сила: 3004 generally offers higher strength compared to 3003, making it suitable for applications where increased strength is needed.

Формованість: While both alloys have good formability, 3004 may have slightly better formability due to its alloying elements, which can make it easier to shape and form.

Applications: Both alloys are commonly used in similar applications, but the choice between them can depend on the specific requirements of the application. 3004 might be favored when a balance of formability and strength is needed.

Workability: 3004 may offer slightly better workability due to its alloying elements, which can contribute to improved forming and shaping characteristics.

Specification-3004 DC aluminum circle for cookware

Діаметр(мм)Main Usage
3004 DCО1.0~6.0120-650Кухонний посуд