3mm aluminum sheet product

3mm aluminum plate refers to aluminum plate with a thickness of 3mm. Les feuilles d'aluminium sont couramment utilisées dans diverses applications, notamment dans la construction., automobile, l'aérospatiale et la fabrication en raison de leur légèreté, résistance à la corrosion et polyvalence. L'épaisseur de la feuille peut varier en fonction des exigences spécifiques du projet ou de l'application. As far as 3mm aluminum sheets go, aluminum sheet 3mm is relatively thin and suitable for applications requiring moderate strength and stiffness.

aluminum sheet 3mm
aluminum sheet 3mm

Aluminum sheet 3mm specification

The 3mm aluminium sheet can fulfil the demands of standard processing because of its great elongation and tensile strength. It also offers good ductility, electrical conductivity, conductivité thermique, et résistance à la corrosion.

Surface finishMilled, poli, brossé, sand blasted, checkered, engraved, anodisé, en relief
Material type1000 séries:1050,1060,1070,1100

2000 séries: 2024

3000 séries: 3003,3004,3103

4000 séries: 4047

5000 séries: 5052, 5251, 5754,5083

6000 séries: 6061, 6082

7000 séries: 7075

Épaisseur3mm or 0.11”
FabricationPrecision laser cutting, pliant, anodisation, CNC machining, estampillage, working with composite panels

Application of 3mm aluminum plate

3mm aluminum plate can be widely used in various industries due to its versatility, lightness and corrosion resistance.

3mm aluminum plate for construction: Aluminum sheet 3mm is durable and beautiful and can be used for roofs, des murs, facades and interior decorative elements.

3mm aluminum sheet for automobiles: 3mm aluminum sheet has lightweight properties and is used to make body panels, interiors and structural parts, helping to improve fuel efficiency.

Aluminum sheets are used in aerospace: used in aircraft structures such as fuselage panels, wings and interior components where lightweight materials are critical for fuel efficiency and performance.

3mm aluminum sheet manufacturing: Due to its processability and formability, it is used to manufacture housings, machine parts, and various components.

Aluminum sheet for boat: 3mm aluminum sheet is used in shipbuilding for hulls, decks and other structural components due to its corrosion resistance in marine environments.

marine-aluminum sheet 3mm
marine-aluminum sheet 3mm

Aluminum sheet 3mm for electronics: Due to its electrical conductivity and heat dissipation properties, it is used in the manufacture of electronic housings, heat sinks and components.

3mm aluminum plate in signage and displays: Used in signage, display panels and architectural features because it is easy to manufacture, lightweight and easy to paint or coat.

3mm aluminum sheet for sign
3mm 5052 aluminum sheet for sign

Aluminum sheet for packaging: It is used in the production of packaging materials and containers due to its light weight and ease of molding into different shapes.

3mm mirror solar panels: Due to their light weight and corrosion resistance, they can be used in the construction of solar panel frames and mounting structures, ensuring durability in outdoor environments.

Aluminum sheet 3mm price

What is the 3mm aluminum sheet price?The price of 3mm aluminum panels may vary depending on various factors such as the grade of aluminum, fournisseur, quantity purchased, market demand and any additional processing or finishes applied to the panels.A 3mm aluminum sheet costs about $2-5 for a kilogram.

3mm aluminum sheet weight

To determine the weight of a sheet of 3mm aluminum, we need to know the dimensions of the sheet. Aluminum has a density of approximately 2.7 grammes par centimètre cube (g/cm³). Using this density, we can calculate the weight of the sheet using the formula:


toutefois, without specific dimensions for the sheet, it’s impossible to provide an exact weight. If you provide the length, largeur, and thickness of the sheet in millimeters or meters, I can help you calculate its weight.

How heavy is a sheet of 4×8 3mm aluminium?
  • Longueur (L) = 4 pieds = 48 pouces = 48×0.0254 mètres
  • Largeur (W) = 8 pieds = 96 pouces = 96×0.0254 mètres
  • Épaisseur (T) = 3mm = 3×10−3 mètres
  • Densité () of aluminum ≈ 2.7 g/cm³ = 2.7×103 kg/m³

D'abord, let’s calculate the area:

Area=Length×Width =(48×0.0254)×(96×0.0254) =(1.2192)×(2.4384) =2.976413888 square meters

Maintenant, let’s calculate the weight:

Weight=Area×Thickness×Density =2.976413888×(3×10−3)×(2.7×103) =2.976413888×0.003×2700 =2.976413888×8.1 =24.1092615 kilograms

Donc, un 4×8 sheet of 3mm aluminum weighs approximately 24.11 kilogrammes.