Toutes les tôles d'aluminium ne conviennent pas au traitement d'anodisation

Dans les immeubles de grande hauteur, on peut parfois voir la plaque d'aluminium de mur-rideau de couleur blanche, visiblement différent de la couleur environnante, affecte beaucoup l'apparence. On peut voir que toutes les tôles d'aluminium ne conviennent pas au traitement d'anodisation, les plaques d'aluminium laminées à chaud conviennent mieux au traitement d'anodisation du matériau de base.

aluminum anodizing sheet

Some enterprises in the use of our aluminum sheet products after processing molding, some products may be used in anodizing processing to improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance, but due to improper selection of users, there will be aluminum anodic oxidation after the problem of color difference, here to explain what material is suitable for oxidation processing.

Tout d'abord: if the aluminum sheet products are used in the decorative aspects or for oxidation effect has strict requirements, this time you need hot-rolled aluminum sheet as the substrate, usually aluminum sheet according to the processing equipment and different ways can be divided into cold-rolled aluminum sheet and hot-rolled aluminum sheet, which hot-rolled aluminum sheet internal organization is more uniform, in anodized after the texture is consistent, so for the in anodized effect requirements of high users recommend the use of hot-rolled products, so as to can better ensure the processing effect.

Seconde: in the processing or anodizing process to pay attention to protecting the surface of aluminum products, to avoid scratching problems caused by man-made reasons, here we have to mention is about the laminated aluminum plate, in the aluminum plate after the lamination can play a certain protective effect, so try to choose this type of product as the aluminum oxide substrate.

Easy to the problem: many users in the choice of aluminum anodizing sheet products only focus on price, and do not pay attention to the actual use, such as in the price of hot-rolled aluminum plate because of the processing process problems lead to high costs, so the price is higher than the cold-rolled aluminum plate, this time if only focus on price and the use of cold-rolled aluminum plate as the base material, will eventually lead to lose the lady and folded soldiers, oxidation effect is not, and to buy from the base material again Come on.