Do you know the advantages of anodized aluminum plate sheet

Do you know the advantages of anodized aluminum plate sheet?Henan huawei Aluminum anodized aluminum plate hardness is relatively high, chống trầy xước tốt, paint-free surface, anti-fouling effect is very good. Metallic aluminum ceiling, Curtain wall aluminum, as well as fire board, cellular aluminum, aluminum veneer is made of anodized aluminum plate for processing products

Anodized aluminum plate wider range of applications, mainly for building decoration materials, production of automotive components, precision instruments and radio equipment.

Handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, lighting and lighting will often use anodized aluminum. And anodized aluminum corrosion resistance, hardness than pure aluminum, with excellent insulation, breakdown voltage up to 2000V.

Aluminum products, a wide range of different types, decorative effect is good, but also easy bending, can be processed into different products according to the actual production needs, thus greatly reducing the product cycle and reduce production costs. And anodized aluminum plate will not be oxidized, will not change color.