Advantages and application of anodized aluminum plate

Lợi ích của anodized aluminum plate

  • khả năng xử lý tốt: the anodized aluminum plate has strong decoration and moderate hardness. It can be easily bent and shaped. It can carry out continuous high-speed stamping. It is convenient to directly process into products without complex surface treatment, greatly reducing production cycle and production cost. A kind of
  • Chống chịu thời tiết tốt: the anodized aluminum plate with standard thickness of oxide film (3 μ m) will not change color, corrode, oxidize or rust in indoor use for a long time. The anodized aluminum plate with thickened oxide film (10 μ m) có thể được sử dụng ngoài trời, and can be exposed to sunlight for a long time without discoloration.
  • Strong metal sense: the surface hardness of the anodized aluminum plate is high, reaching the gem level, chống trầy xước tốt, no paint coverage on the surface, retaining the metal color of the aluminum plate, highlighting the modern metal sense, improving the product grade and added value.
  • Khả năng chống cháy cao: sản phẩm kim loại tinh khiết, no paint and any chemical substances on the surface, no combustion at 600 , no toxic gas, in line with the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection. A kind of
  • Strong stain resistance: no fingerprints left, and there will be stain marks, dễ dàng để làm sạch, and no corrosion spots. A kind of
  • khả năng ứng dụng mạnh mẽ: sử dụng rộng rãi, suitable for metal aluminum ceiling, curtain wall panel, aluminum plastic panel, fireproof panel, honeycomb aluminum panel, aluminum veneer, electrical panel, cabinet panel, furniture panel, vân vân.

Application scope of anodized aluminum plate

Anodized aluminum plate is widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft and automobile parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, building decoration, machine shell, thắp sáng, electronic consumer goods, handicrafts, home appliances, interior decoration, dấu hiệu, nội thất, automobile decoration and other industries.