1060 Alüminyum levha “kendini tanıtma”

Sayı “1060”: Bu, alüminyum levhanın alüminyum içeriğinin daha fazla olduğu anlamına gelir. 99.6%, bir tür saf alüminyum levha olan. Genel konuşma, Numaranın ilk iki hanesi alüminyumun saflığını temsil eder., ve son hane alüminyum levhanın durumunu temsil eder, örneğin 0 yumuşak hali için, Sertleştirilmiş durum için H, and T for the age-hardened state.

Alüminyum levha: 1060 aluminum plate is a thin plate-shaped material processed from aluminum. Its thickness is generally between 0.2mm and 6mm, and its width is between 100mm and 2600mm. The length is determined according to customer needs. Its surface treatment usually includes polishing, oksidasyon, spraying and so on.

1060 Alüminyum levha
1060 alüminyum sac ürün

Learn more about 1060 Alüminyum levha

1060 aluminum plate is a kind of pure aluminum plate, its aluminum content reaches more than 99.6%. It belongs to a commonly used series in the aluminum strip family. The production process of 1060 aluminum plate is relatively simple, and the price has a huge advantage compared with other high-grade alloy aluminum plates. Aliminyum tabak 1060 has excellent processing performance, can meet conventional processing requirements, and has good corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity.

What is aluminum sheet 1060 h14?

As a aluminum sheet 1060 h14 manufacturer,Huawei Aluminum sheet 1060 H14 is a type of aluminum alloy sheet that is made from 99.6% saf alüminyum. bu “H14” designation refers to the temper or hardness of the material, which means that it has been strain hardened and partially annealed to a specified level of hardness.

bu 1060 aluminum alloy is a popular material for sheet metal applications due to its high corrosion resistance, iyi şekillendirilebilirlik, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is commonly used in the manufacture of cookware, lighting reflectors, chemical storage tanks, and other similar applications.

The H14 temper designation indicates that the aluminum sheet has been strain hardened to a half-hard state, which means it has been cold worked to reduce its thickness and increase its strength. Aynı zamanda, the material has been partially annealed to reduce its brittleness and increase its ductility. This combination of hardness and ductility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications where a balance of strength and formability is required.

Nedir 1060 aluminium alloy used for?

1060 aluminium alloy is a popular grade of aluminium used for various applications due to its excellent formability, high electrical conductivity, and low cost. It is usually used in the manufacture of components, aluminum foil and containers in the fields of chemical industry, elektronik, construction and so on. 1060 aluminum plate can also be used to make molds for aluminum products, decorative panels, reflektörler, etc.Some common uses of 1060 aluminium alloy include:

  1. Elektrikli ekipman: 1060 aluminium alloy is often used in electrical equipment, such as transformer windings, because of its high electrical conductivity.
  2. Ambalajlama: 1060 aluminium alloy is used for packaging, especially for food and beverage cans, due to its excellent formability and corrosion resistance.
  3. Tabela: 1060 aluminium alloy is often used for signage and advertising because it is lightweight, easy to fabricate, and can be painted or coated.
  4. Reflectors: 1060 aluminium alloy is used for reflective surfaces in lighting fixtures, mirrors, and reflective insulation due to its high reflectivity.
  5. Chemical equipment: 1060 aluminium alloy is used for chemical equipment because of its good resistance to chemical corrosion and low melting point.
  6. ısı emiciler: 1060 aluminium alloy is used for heat sinks in electronic devices due to its good thermal conductivity.

Özetle, 1060 aluminium alloy is a versatile material used for various applications, including electrical equipment, ambalajlama, tabela, reflektörler, kimyasal ekipman, and heat sinks.

1060 aluminum vs 6061 Alüminyum levha

1060 alüminyum levha ve 6061 aluminum sheet are two commonly used aluminum alloys in the market. Here are the differences between them:

  1. Kimyasal bileşim: 1060 alüminyum levha saf alüminyumdur, sırasında 6061 alüminyum levha, alüminyumun bir kombinasyonudur, magnezyum, ve silikon.
  2. Kuvvet: 6061 alüminyum levha daha güçlüdür 1060 magnezyum ve silikon ilavesi nedeniyle alüminyum levha. Fakat, 1060 Alüminyum levha, mükemmel şekillendirilebilirliği ve işlenebilirliği nedeniyle hala yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır..
  3. kaynaklanabilirlik: İkisi birden 1060 Ve 6061 alüminyum levhalar kolayca kaynaklanır, Ancak 6061 alüminyum levha, daha yüksek mukavemeti ve kimyasal bileşimi nedeniyle daha fazla önlem gerektirir.
  4. Korozyon Direnci: 6061 alüminyum levha daha iyi korozyon direncine sahiptir 1060 Alüminyum levha, especially in harsh environments.
  5. Uygulamalar: 1060 aluminum sheet is often used for packaging, electrical equipment, and signage. On the other hand, 6061 aluminum sheet is commonly used for structural components, marine and aerospace applications, and automotive parts.

arasındaki fark 1050 Ve 1060 alüminyum

1050 aluminum vs 1060 Alüminyum levha:

1050 Ve 1060 are both aluminum alloys that are commonly used in various applications. Here are some of the key differences between 1050 Ve 1060 alüminyum:

  1. Kimyasal bileşim: arasındaki temel fark 1050 Ve 1060 alüminyum onların kimyasal bileşimidir. 1050 aluminum contains 99.5% alüminyum, sırasında 1060 aluminum contains 99.6% alüminyum.
  2. Mechanical properties: Due to the small difference in chemical composition, 1050 Ve 1060 aluminum have similar mechanical properties, including high formability and low strength. Fakat, 1060 alüminyum biraz daha güçlüdür 1050 aluminum due to its higher purity.
  3. Elektiriksel iletkenlik: İkisi birden 1050 Ve 1060 aluminum have high electrical conductivity, making them suitable for electrical and electronic applications.
  4. Uygulamalar: 1050 aluminum is often used in the electrical and chemical industries, sırasında 1060 aluminum is more commonly used for general sheet metal work, such as in the construction and automotive industries.
  5. kaynaklanabilirlik: İkisi birden 1050 Ve 1060 aluminum are easily welded, Ancak 1060 aluminum requires more precautions due to its higher purity.

Özetle, the main difference between 1050 Ve 1060 alüminyum onların kimyasal bileşimidir, with 1060 aluminum being slightly purer and stronger. They have similar mechanical properties and are both used for various applications, Ancak 1050 aluminum is more commonly used in the electrical and chemical industries, sırasında 1060 aluminum is more commonly used for general sheet metal work.