3003 aluminum sheet

3003 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate

  • Metal alloy: 3003
  • Temper: O - H321, T3 - T8, T351 - T851
  • Width: 100mm - 2800mm
  • Length: 100mm - 12000mm
  • Thickness: 0.2mm - 100mm

3003 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate is approximately 20% stronger than 1100 series aluminium. 3003 alloy is readily formed by either conventional cold working or hot working. We offers high quality 3003 flat aluminium sheet plate and tread plate covered by the ISO standard 6361 and the ASTM standards B209, B210, B211, B221, B483, B491, and B547. The 3003-H14 is a softer, more formable aluminium sheet plate and 3003 aluminum tread plate offers increased rigidity in the material as well as hiding fingerprints and dents. The tempers commonly used include H14, H16 and H18, while others are also available by customers’ demands.

3003 aluminum sheet plate reacts well to mechanical finishings as well as organic finishes. the welding for 3003 alloy is readily accomplished by means of conventional welding methods, but it may be gummy if machined. Soldering is limited to the torch method.

Chemical composition

Alloy No.SiFeCuMnMgCrZnTiOthersAl

Mechanical properties

MaterialConditionTensile Strength (ksi min)Yield Strength (ksi min)Elongation % in 2" 0.064 sheetMin 90° Cold Bend Radius for 0.064" Thick
3003-0 sheet 0.064" thick3003-014-195250
3003-H12 sheet 0.064" thick3003-H1217-231260
3003-H14 sheet 0.064" thick3003-H1420-261750
3003-H16 sheet 0.064" thick3003-H1624-302141/2 - 1 1/2 T
3003- sheet 0.064" thick3003-H1827 min2441 1/2 -3T

Equivalent alloy

a3003, aa3003, a3003p, 3003mod


Common sizes: 4' x 10', 1.22 x 2.44 (metre) etc


Common with: 300 mm


Common thickness: 0.6mm ( thin ), 0.8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm etc


Common temper grade: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H24, H34, H112 etc

Surface treatment

color coated ( colored prepainted ), anodized, stucco embossed, with blue barrier, pvc cover etc


ASTM B209, GB/T 3880


3003 mill finish aluminum sheet plate is an alloy with very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. Excellent weldability, formability, with good machinability makes 3003 Aluminium Sheet, coil and tread plate is popular and economical choice in Appliance Components. Alloy 3003 can be cold worked to produce tempers with a higher strength but a lower ductility while not heat-treated or used in casting. It is commonly rolled and extruded as aluminium sheet and foils which in different applications such as truck and trailer roofing, cooking utensils, pressure vessels, refrigerator panels, gasoline tanks, heat exchanger, furniture components.

3003 plain aluminum sheet plate is not heat treatable and develops strengthening from cold working only. Commonly used in chemical equipment, ductwork, and in general sheet metal work. Aluminium 3003 is also used in the manufacture of cooking utensils, pressure vessels, builder's hardware, eyelet stock, ice cube trays, garage doors, awning slats, refrigerator panels, gas lines, gasoline tanks, heat exchangers, drawn and spun parts, and storage tanks.

  • Food Equipment
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Appliance Components
  • Truck and Trailer Roofing
  • Lawn Furniture Components


Aluminium sheet plate of packaging meet the export standard. Plastic film and brown polykraft paper can be covered at customers’ need. wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery.

aluminum sheet pack

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Equivalent Designations

  • Germany: DIN AIMnCu;
  • Europe: EN AW-3003;
  • Japan: JIS A3003P;
  • France: NF A 3003 (formerly A-M1).

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