1200 aluminum plate alloy introduction

1200 aluminum alloy is a series of industrial pure aluminum, which has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, but the strength of 1200 aluminum plate is low, it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and its machinability is not good.

Aluminum plate 1200 production specifications

Product1000 series 1200
TemperO H12 H14 H16 H18 H19H22 H24 H26 H28 H112
Surfaceglossy, no blemish
LaminationIt can be covered with blue film, paper sandwiched, or nothing at all.
MOQDepends on specification, 2-4 tons.
Production processhot rolling and cast rolling
Usesarchitectural appearance, walls, ceilings, furniture, traffic signs, equipment, transformers, etc.
Please notecustomized specifications, extra thick * extra long * extra wide, please call us for specific communication.

What are the uses of 1200 aluminum sheet?

• 1200 aluminum sheet for general fabrication
• 1200 aluminum plate for processing equipment (chemical, pharmaceutical)
• 1200 aluminum sheet for sheet metal processing
• 1200 aluminum plate for boiler manufacture
• 1200 aluminum plate for industrial pressure vessels (food industry)
• 1200 aluminum sheet for kitchenware

1200 aluminum plate chemical element composition


Mechanical properties of al1200 sheet

Tensile strength σb (MPa)75~105
Elongation δ10 (%)≥22
Elongation δ5 (%)≥25
Thermal conductivity226 W/m°K
Thermal expansion coefficient24 x10-6/K
Electrical Conductivity59.5 IACS
Modulus of elasticity69 GPa

1100 aluminum sheet vs 1200 aluminum sheet

Both 1100 aluminum sheet and 1200 aluminum sheet are pure aluminum sheet materials, and the difference between them mainly lies in the purity and chemical composition of aluminum.

The aluminum content of 1100 aluminum plate reaches 99%. It is a non-heat-treated alloy aluminum plate with good machinability, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. It is widely used in construction, aviation, electronics and other fields.

The aluminum content of 1200 aluminum plate is as high as 99.5%, which is a high-purity aluminum plate, which also has good machinability, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, but it is more suitable for applications requiring higher purity than 1100 aluminum plate, such as Electronics, chemical industry, medical and other fields.

For buyers, whether to choose 1100 aluminum plate or 1200 aluminum plate depends on the specific application field and demand.