Wat zijn de toepassingen van 1235 aluminium plaat?

1235 aluminum sheet has several applications due to its unique properties and characteristics. Some common applications of 1235 aluminum sheet include:

Verpakking: 1235 aluminium plaat is widely used in the packaging industry. It is commonly used for packaging materials such as aluminum foil, blister packs, flexible packaging, and food containers. Its excellent barrier properties, lightweight nature, and ability to preserve the freshness of food make it suitable for packaging applications.

Isolatie: 1235 aluminum sheet is used in the insulation industry. It is commonly used as a reflective material in thermal insulation systems, such as in buildings, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, and refrigeration equipment. The reflective surface of aluminum helps to minimize heat transfer and improve energy efficiency.

Elektronica: 1235 aluminiumplaat wordt gebruikt in de elektronica-industrie. Het wordt gebruikt voor verschillende elektronische componenten, zoals condensatoren en elektrische geleiders, vanwege de hoge elektrische geleidbaarheid. Het is ook te vinden in printplaten (PCB's), waar het als substraatmateriaal dient.

Chemische en Farmaceutische Industrie: 1235 aluminiumplaat vindt toepassingen in de chemische en farmaceutische industrie. Het wordt gebruikt voor het vervaardigen van chemische opslagtanks, pijpen, en vaten vanwege de corrosieweerstand. Aanvullend, it can be used as a packaging material for pharmaceutical products.

Automotive Industry: 1235 aluminum sheet is utilized in the automotive industry for various purposes. It can be used for manufacturing heat shields, decoratieve versieringen, and lightweight body panels. The lightweight nature of aluminum contributes to fuel efficiency and improved vehicle performance.

Electrical and Power Transmission: 1235 aluminum sheet is used in electrical applications, including power transmission lines, due to its high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Construction and Architecture: 1235 aluminum sheet can be found in construction and architectural applications. It can be used for roofing, siding, and decorative elements due to its lightweight, duurzaamheid, en corrosiebestendigheid.

It’s important to note that the specific applications of 1235 aluminum sheet may vary depending on factors such as alloy thickness, surface treatment, and specific industry requirements.