Why do we use 5052 aluminum sheet for automobile fuel tank materials?

Why do we use 5052 aluminum sheet for automobile fuel tank materials?

Let’s take a look today. With the introduction of the lightweight concept of automobiles, traditional iron fuel tanks are gradually being replaced by aluminum fuel tanks, especially heavy vehicles such as trucks. The fuel tank made of aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the vehicle by half, and is not easy to rust. It has a long service life and is favored by users. The aluminum alloy fuel tank material is mostly 5052 aluminum sheet, which is a kind of aluminum-magnesium alloy and is widely used in daily life.

Aluminum alloy has low density. As a fuel tank material for automobiles, it is light in weight and large in volume, which can significantly reduce the weight of automobiles. As the weight of the car body is reduced, its fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are also reduced. This has greatly helped save costs, reduce air pollution, and improve the environment.

5052 aluminum sheet has high strength, especially high fatigue strength. In addition to magnesium, there are also a small amount of manganese, chromium, beryllium, titanium and other elements in the alloy. Among them, chromium and manganese have similar functions, which can improve the ability of aluminum sheet to resist stress corrosion cracking, and the strength of base metal and welds, and reduce welding cracks tendency. When encountering a violent impact, cracks are not easy to appear, ensuring the safety of the vehicle. In addition, aluminum alloy is not easy to burn, and the explosion-proof effect is obvious. The market prospect of aluminum alloy fuel tanks is broad and is an inevitable trend in the future.

The above is mainly an explanation of the reasons why 5052 aluminum sheets are used for automobile fuel tank materials. Warwick Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales. The company mainly produces and sells: 1-6 series imported aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, and aluminum foils. , Aluminum circles, aluminum strips and other aluminum products are cut and customized.

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