Aluminum sheet Diagonal tolerance

Aluminum sheet Diagonal tolerance

As an important indicator of the board shape, the diagonal line plays an important role in the processing of the product. The diagonal refers to the length between the two angles corresponding to the aluminum sheet. Because the aluminum sheet has four corners, we take the difference between the two diagonal lines as the diagonal tolerance.

Diagonal tolerance is an important indicator of the quality of aluminum sheet. If the diagonal tolerance is too large, it will cause large errors in the aluminum sheet processing. According to the process, the diagonal tolerance required in the industry needs to be less than 2 mm, and the diagonal tolerance is important It is related to the Kaiping equipment, so you should pay attention to measuring the diagonal tolerance when processing aluminum coils into aluminum sheets. If the difference is large, you need to adjust the equipment in time to avoid poor aluminum sheet quality due to this problem.

The Kaiping equipment of Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. adopts a fully numerically controlled automatic flatting equipment, which is caused by the sheet shape test and correction imported from Germany. It can realize real-time monitoring of the diagonal tolerance, and the data is fed back to the controller, and then the equipment is braked and corrected. Therefore, the aluminum sheet produced by our company can better control the diagonal line to the minimum.

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