Hoekom kies koudgewalste aluminiumspoel vir anodisering

Die koudgewalste aluminiumspoel vir anodisering gebruik rou materiaal van koudgewalste aluminiumspoel, dan deur anodisering, ons het die eindproduk-geanodiseerde aluminiumspoel gekry. Daar is verskeie aluminiumlegering kan geanodiseer word. 1060 aluminium spoel kan geoksideer word verwerking vir nie baie hoë vereistes, na oksidasie, die oppervlak is maklik om te verskyn kleur verskil, so die koste is laag. 1050 en 5052 aluminum foil after oxide processing, there is no color difference, so the cost is slightly higher than 1060 Aluminum coil). Anodized aluminum coil has been widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft, automobile parts, presisie-instrumente en radiotoerusting, building decoration, machine shell, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, furniture, interior decoration, naamborde, automobile decoration industry.

The process of cold rolled aluminum coil for anodizing is: grouding – degreasing – washing – alkali etching – washing – neutralization – wash – anodic oxidation – washing – sealing the hole – washing – test – package. Degreasing, caustic etching, neutralization, anodic oxidation and sealing are the key to ensure the quality of oxidation treatment. Application of cold rolled aluminum coil for anodizing are: Beligting (LED lamp, grille lamp, tunnel lamp, explosion proof lamp and so on). Indoor and outdoor decoration (integrated ceiling). Consumer electronics (laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, mobile hard drives, PDA and so on). Household appliances panel (refrigerator panel and lining board, TV rear lining board and base panel, display frame, hood panel and so on). Label (cosmetic packaging, photo frame, logo and so on). Building and solar energy.